Is Your Mindset Ruining Your Health And Fitness? Train the Brain or Remain the Same

Does how your day is going determine how well your training session will go?

Do you hate the thought of going to the gym, on that 5 mile run or doing your home workout?

Do you have to drag yourself out of bed each morning ‘kicking (weakly) and screaming’?

If these statements sound like you it’s time to train your brain!

The aim is to strengthen your mind so you can improve your focus, feel less anxious and stressed, and send your body to its peak level of energy and efficiency. Master this and you will also start:

• to control your attention to things rather than having a ‘scatter gun’ approach

• to appreciate the little things in life and have an ‘attitude of gratitude’

• learn how to prioritise and focus on what really matters

So, without further delay let’s get started…

And what better place to start than the morning!

As soon as your alarm goes off, your brain begins thinking!

It flits between everything and anything it can – and is often very hard to redirect once you settle on a thought pattern!

The argument with your partner, your team getting beat, the unhealthy weekend you’ve just had, the nightmare work week in front of you…

These thoughts may not seem to be the problem, but can be extremely mentally exhausting!

So the key is to eliminate as many of the distractions as possible, and to stay centred and focused. By doing this you will be much calmer, which will in-turn help you make healthier decisions in your diet, training, and many other aspects of your life!

There are so many benefits to being focused and calm it’s scary!

For example, if you are feeling anxious and stressed you will start breathing incorrectly – shallow and quick rather than deep! This then results in your body not getting all the oxygen it could be getting. This then inhibits your performance and functionality!

There has been much research on this subject, particularly in respect to military personnel, where having the mental fortitude and edge can be the difference between life and death!

It is often referred to as MINDFULNESS!

Mindfulness training also has strong links to helping improve mental health. People with depression and anxiety can reduce unhelpful thoughts and improve overall well-being with mindfulness.

Mindfulness Training – how to get started!

Improving your mindset, like most things, is not an overnight occurrence!

It takes practice, study and routine. The more you practice it the better you will become!

Here are my tips on how you can start Mindfulness Training today and start focusing your mind in the right way:

• Download a mindfulness app to your mobile (there are many free ones)

• Meditate for 5 minutes each day.

• Take a Yoga or Pilates class

• Enrol in a mindfulness training class online

• Right down a list of 5 things at the start of each week that you are going to focus on and make priorities.


There’s no disputing that your eating and exercise plans play a massive part in you being fit and healthy, but so does the mind!

Your brain is the boss of your entire body, thus if you don’t take care of your brain, then the health of your whole body will suffer!!

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