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A Guide to the Top-rated Vape Flavors That Are Sure to Captivate Your Taste Buds

There is always that e juice flavor that appeals to your taste buds and emotions, huh; the sour, sweet, salty or even spicy. You can bet your e-juice preference can tell a lot about you than you could ever think or imagine. Lets dig here right into the most popular e-juice flavors that are sure to bring out the best in you. But first things first, do you pick your vape based on your mood or what informs your decision. If the figures are to speak, then you will know that most people choose their e-juice flavor as per their personality. If this sounds interesting to you, then stick and read more here so you can have a clear definition of your personality from your choice of e-juice flavor.

You know you are a shy girl but with a brave secret side if you pick the sweet strawberry flavor. The gents who pick on the strawberry flavor, on the other hand, are more reserved and affectionate. Dont mistake the quiet and reserved that comes out when you meet a sweet strawberry flavor lover as their scandalous side is well hidden somewhere.

And then we have the mint vape flavor that defines you like that person that knows how to maintain their cool all the time. At the very least, you can bet this flavor will keep you refreshed day in day out. Rest assured this flavor will tame that chaotic personality of yours leaving you relaxed and cool.

People with adventurous personalities tend to lean more on the pineapple flavor. This flavor will take you to an exotic place that no words can explain how you will feel. This e juice flavor is also popular among people with an optimistic personality like how it elicits some feeling of hope and sunshine no matter how gloom a day can get.

The other popular flavor is known as the breakfast cereals that brings out the kid in you reminding you of the sugary breakfast bowls you had every morning before school. You are sure to love this flavor if you love and cherish the small moments and mundane tasks that life bring your way. These are the people that love life and see it as a game worth playing.

If on the other hand you are sassy and love living large, you might want to check out green apple flavor. The sweet, sour taste of the green apple flavor is associated with kind and caring personalities.

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